Ear & Eye protection

Hearing protection & eye protection products for sale at McAvoy Guns

We offer a selection of hearing equipment including plugs, ear muffs, valved plugs & stereo ear muffs, we also offer a range of protective shooting glasses which are now required at CPSA shoots.

Sonic II ear protection

Premium Protective equipment for shooting sports designed to allow low level sounds, not harmful to hearing, to pass through and reach the ear canals.
• Eliminates ‘plugged up’ feeling.
• Blocks loud impulse noises.
• Permits normal conversation.
• Soft silicone rubber cushion for comfort.
SNR 9dB.

Napier Pro-9 hearing protection


Pro 9 Noise Cancelling Hearing Protection Exclusive, Patented Breakthrough Effective Noise Cancelling technology without Batteries, Electronics, valves, or any moving parts!

Napier Pro-10 Max 3 hearing protection


Introducing the Pro10, MAX 3 Noise cancelling device.

Spare cuffs for Napier Pro 9 / 10

2 pairs of soft ear cups, for use with Pro series hearing defenders. Suitable for Pro 9 and 10

Napier case for pro-9 & pro-10

A light and practical case for the Pro series hearing protectors which can be attached to your belt. Suitable for Pro 9 and 10

Eye level impact sports - yellow

Yellow lens to provide superb contrast

Supplied in pouch

Excellent value

Eye level Dallas glasses

Stylish & Low cost, the dallas glasses offer protection without breaking the bank

Supplied with pouch

Eye Level marksman shooting glasses

Complete with four interchangeable lenses

Supplied in zip-up case with lens cloth

Superb value for money

Eye level interactive shooting glasses

Shatterproof lenses

Includes four coloured lenses

Detachable spectacle insert - if you are a spectacle wearer, you can have prescription lenses made to fit the insert. If you are not a spectacle wearer, just remove the insert.

Supplied in a semi-rigid case complete with lens cloth