Daystate Delta Wolf air rifles

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The Delta Wolf heralds the birth of a new family of electronic precharged pneumatic (PCP) airguns for the decade ahead. The advent of this technology truly reinforces Daystate’s reputation as maker of the world’s most advanced airguns. Nothing like Delta Wolf has been attempted in either the airgun – or firearm – worlds before.
  1. New Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) with display touch screen
  2. Multi calibre with fast-change barrel system
  3. Factory-set power profiles for each calibre
  4. Shooter tuning customization
  5. Exclusive OEM Huma-Air Regulated
  6. New large capacity magazine
  7. A.R.T-approved barrel
  8. Bluetooth connectivity
  9. Superior Silencing
  10. Modular ‘Tactical’ format
  11. Future proofed – upgradable as features develop

Scope & other accessories shown for illustration purposes are not included