Barrett centerfire rifles

Barrett MRAD SMR rifle

New to the MRAD range, the Single Mission Rifle (SMR) is a fixed stock, fixed

barrel MRAD design which offers all the performance of the MRAD, but due

to the reduced interchangeability comes advantage in weight reduction (2.5


Extremely accuracy, built to withstand the most testing of environments and

design ahead of the competition.

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Barrett MRAD rifle

Ready to follow your every move, the MRAD adapts to a variety of user needs without sacrificing performance. With

unfailing accuracy, this bolt-action system continues to define a whole new class of long range precision rifles.

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Barrett Fieldcraft rifle

Barrett could not find their ‘perfect’ hunting rifle, so they built their

own. The Barrett Fieldcraft™ rifle is a lightweight model, designed

to be carried on long days in the field, while still performing like a

classic Barrett rifle.

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