Sako Quad / Finfire rimfire rifles

Sako Quad rimfire rifles for sale at McAvoy Guns

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The Sako Quad is a superb range of rimfire rifles with an interchangeable barrel system. Available in a choice of stocks, two barrel types & four calibers, it is a great way of owning more than one caliber, without having to buy more than one gun! Each caliber is colour coded for easy recognition.

Sako Quad caliber choice & colour code

As shown on the image to the right, the Sako Quad range of rifles are available in .17Mach2, .22LR, .17HMR & .22WMR 

Each caliber is colour coded, making changing barrel & magazine incredibly simple.

Each rifle is supplied with a barrel change tool & it takes a matter of seconds to switch caliber!

Every model comes factory screw cut (scopes may be show for illustration purposes but are not included)

Sako Quad Hunter Pro frame

Sako Quad Hunter Pro was designed to look and feel like traditional Sako hunting rifles, but all features in it are up-to-date. The full-size walnut stock resembles the famous Sako 75 design and it offers the same out-of-the-box accuracy as all legendary Sako hunting rifles.

Barrels sold separately

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Sako Quad Synthetic frame

Sako Quad Synthetic comes with stylish modern synthetic stock and black rubber recoil pad. Sako Quad butt stock spacers are available for modifying the length of pull.

Barrels sold separately

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Sako Quad Synthetic Varmint rifle

Sako Quad Heavy Barrel takes more shooting without getting heated up. The Monte Carlo -type cheek piece on black synthetic stock offers great bench shooting position. The rifle’s length of pull can be adjusted with butt plate spacers.

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Sako Quad Varmint rifle

The Sako Quad Varmint is an excellent choice for hunting and bench-rest target shooting, with its flat-bottomed extra wide fore end and heavier barrel.

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Sako Quad spare barrels

Available in standard weight or varmint heavy weight

Screw cut

Each barrel includes a magazine in the matching caliber.

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Kalix Teknik CR1 - Sako Adjustable comb kit

Kalix Teknik CR1 - Sako Adjustable comb kit for sale at McAvoy Guns
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