Geco bullet heads

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Geco Zero bullet heads

  • Lead-free semi-jacketed bullet for all types of game
  • Highly innovative jacketed bullet with two tin cores
  • Hollow-point construction for high accuracy and best effectiveness
  • Front tin core with radial arrangement of predetermined breaking points for a reliably rapid response and high instantaneous effectiveness
  • Rear tin core with rear constriction for stability in the residual body and a secure exit wound

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Geco Express bullet heads

  • The GECO EXPRESS TIP yields high precision and the best effectiveness even when hunting at long distances
  • Strikingly streamlined projectile for a flat trajectory

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Geco plus bullet heads

  • high depth effect with safe deformation
  • very gentle on game
  • controlled deformation via predetermined breaking points

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Geco soft point bullet heads

Countless pieces of roe deer have already been shot with the legendary GECO partial jacket. The bullet can be used universally and can cope with almost all hunting situations. It responds reliably in the game's body and has a good target ballistic effect. The thin-walled bullet jacket is the secret of this successful design. The deformation is initiated by the pronounced lead tip and the sheath adapts to the target resistance. The deformation process can only be controlled to a limited extent on strong game, so that a reject cannot always be expected.

In boxes of 50

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