RCBS Reloading Case measuring tools

Ensure the most accurate & uniform loads by precision measuring of cases & loaded rounds.

You will find a variety of case & ammunition measuring tools including both mechanical & digital options, there is a measuring tool to perfectly suit your requirements by RCBS for sale at McAvoy Guns

Please remember to check product availability prior to your journey - there is no live stock control on this web site.

RCBS Chamber / Case length gauge

Simply drop a loaded round into the precision made gauge, and if your cartridge fits the gauge, it'll fit your pistol. Gauge checks both chambering as well as cartridge length.

  • Quickly confirms ammunition will fit your pistol's chamber
  • Easy-to-read engravings display caliber size

The RCBS Chamber / Cartridge Gauge is a one-piece, non-adjustable gauge designed to check all critical dimensions of pistol ammunition to insure proper fit.

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RCBS Precision Micrometer

An indispensable tool for safety & accuracy.
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RCBS Case Master Gauging Tool

A quick & convenient way to determine several important case & cartridge dimensions.
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RCBS Stainless Steel Dial Caliper

Hardened Stainless Steel construction.
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RCBS Vernier Micrometer

Economical Version without all the "bells & whistles"
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RCBS Electronic Digital Calipers

Instant Reading.... Very easy to use.
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RCBS Vernier Ball micrometer 0-1

Economical Vernier Ball Micrometer for measuring case neck thicknesses. All metal body and thimble with matte finish. Range: 0-1-inch. Accuracy within .0001-inch. Ratchet stop on thimble assures uniform application of pressure. Thimble lock keeps thimble from turning when measuring a constant. Adjustment wrench included. Fitted plastic storage case. Imported.

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