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Providing an extensive range of pump action & semi automatic shotguns, Hatsan Arms Escort shotguns have taken the UK market by storm offering high quality products at fantastic prices. Available in a wide choice of finishes & barrel lengths, most models are also available in right & left hand versions too! Select from the links above to visit each sub-department.


Hatsan Arms spare chokes

Hatsan Arms
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Hatsan Arms spare chokes for sale at McAvoy Guns

12G extended chokes for Hatsan Arms shotguns

Please ensure you order the correct choke for your gun - these chokes are not interchangeable with different versions - please refer to the information below.

To tell the difference between the different versions of Hatsan chokes, all you need to do is check the thread. If the thread is at the muzzle/front end of the choke it is a V1 (Same as Beretta Mobil)
If the thread is not at the front of the choke it is either a V2 or V3 choke. These versions do not interchange as the thread is different.
To tell the difference between a V2 and V3 you should look at the side of one of the chokes that came with the gun. It could be stamped either V2 or V3 but if it isn't stamped, then it would be a V2