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PAO Lumen Max 900 IR lamp kit

A powerful, interchangeable, IR 850 Infra-Red Illuminator module for more effective use of Night Vision Googles or Monoculors.
A high capacity, long-life Li-Ion “18650” rechargeable battery which–uniquely-has a built in micro-USB charging port.
A remote pressure switch and a standard base switch allowing the unit to be used as a standalone torch.
A “Universal” QR scope mount that allows the torch to be quickly attached/detached from either 25mm or 30mm bodied scopes.
Two filters-Red, & Green–for differing light conditions.
Rigid Case with Bespoke cut-foam interior.
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Wildhunter Pro 850 zoomable gun lamp kit

Complete with .WHITE RED & GREEN LEDS

Predator 850 The Predator 850 LED zoomable gunlight is the ideal scope mounted gun light. It has an extremely powerful LED with a tight focusable beam using the predator convex lens. The Predator 850 can locate eyes up to 850 metres in total darkness. It is a super lightweight, compact torch that is perfect as a gun light.

Supplied in ABS Carry case

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Cartridge LED Torch

Cartridge LED Torch for sale at McAvoy Guns
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