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Richter Optik gun light / illuminator kit

The ultimate kit for shooting at night, and it won't break the bank! Suitable for air rifles and powder burners, ideal for close range
pest control such as rats and powerful enough for long range fox control too. Using night vision and need a boost? No problem!
The Richter Gunlight Kit includes Infra Red module to give more illumination and better vision through your night vision setup.
The powerful 250 lumen focusable beam, using CREE XPC2 LED chip, can be used at distances up to 300 yards. Made from
aircraft-grade aluminium, the unit has IP67 waterproof protection. Using standard 2500 mAh batteries, you can expect a run time
of 3-4 hours.
The Richter Gunlight Kit comes in an attractive ABS carry/storage case. It includes the gunlight unit, pressure switch with velcro
tab, standard switch, universal mount, two 18650 rechargeable batteries, battery charging cradle and four interchangeable LED
modules; red, green, white and IR for night vision use
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Richter Optik trigger lamp

Complete with mains & vehicle charger & red filter

Trigger operated hand held shooting lamp offering superb value for money

2000 lumen LED spot beam

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PAO Lumen Max 900 IR lamp kit

A powerful, interchangeable, IR 850 Infra-Red Illuminator module for more effective use of Night Vision Googles or Monoculors.
A high capacity, long-life Li-Ion “18650” rechargeable battery which–uniquely-has a built in micro-USB charging port.
A remote pressure switch and a standard base switch allowing the unit to be used as a standalone torch.
A “Universal” QR scope mount that allows the torch to be quickly attached/detached from either 25mm or 30mm bodied scopes.
Two filters-Red, & Green–for differing light conditions.
Rigid Case with Bespoke cut-foam interior.
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Cartridge LED Torch

Cartridge LED Torch for sale at McAvoy Guns
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