RCBS reloading X-Dies

We all know that repeated firing and resizing causes most cartridge cases to get longer, requiring a time-consuming trim operation to keep cases in spec. The RCBS X-Die has unique design features to control case growth during sizing.

After an initial trim to standardize case lengths, the X-Die allows repeated full-length resizing without the case length exceeding the maximum ANSI specification. Routine trimming after each sizing is eliminated. A precision mandrel in the X-Die limits growth of the case without shortening it or causing metal build-up in the neck.

Available for most popular bottleneck rifle cartridges. X-Full Length Die Sets consist of the X-Sizer-Die and regular Seater Die. The X-Sizer Die is also available separately.

Please remember to check product availability prior to your journey - there is no live stock control on this web site.

RCBS reloading X-die set