RCBS Cowboy reloading dies

RCBS Cowboy dies for sale at McAvoy Guns

RCBS Cowboy dies are built to slightly different dimensions than their regular dies to allow optimum sizing, expanding, seating and crimping needed to load great lead bullet ammo. In keeping with the spirit of the game, Cowboy dies even look different. Instead of the satin steel finish on the other RCBS dies, Cowboy dies have a "case-hardened" look. Handsome brass lock rings complete the picture, and even the packaging reflects the Cowboy theme. New Cowboy moulds produce bullets that are profiled to give smooth feeding and follow the design of a century ago. Bevelled crimping grooves set the proper cartridge length and improve consistency, and generous lube grooves hold enough lubricant even for black powder loads. Whether you're a serious cowboy competitor or just having fun, RCBS Cowboy products will load the ammo you need.

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RCBS Cowboy dies