Meopta ZD riflescopes

Meopta ZD Tactical riflescopes for sale at McAvoy Guns

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  • Advanced internal optical design allows for precise aiming at up to 2000 meters
  • Selection of reticles designed in accordance with field use feedback with the possibility of reticle illumination during adverse light conditions
  • Antireflective MEO-BRITE lens coatings provide maximum light transmission throughout the optical system
  • Enhanced mechanical endurance thanks ruggedized design and manufacture using specialized alloys (aircraft grade aluminum 6061-T651) and endurance testing of scopes including gun fixtures against recoil
  • 100% waterproof scopes and water resistant inner surfaces
  • Rectification knobs with extremely large scale of vertical adjustment (in accordance with bullet ballistics) enabling to shoot accurately on a maximum distance according to the weapon being used
  • Meopta ZD 4-16x44 RD riflescope

    Designed for use by special forces ops, L/E snipers and world-class professional target shooters for distances up to 800 meters. Featuring an adjustable objective for setting zero parallax at distances from 3 meters to infinity, the ZD 4-16x44 RD is the definition of accuracy. ZD target turrets feature .05 Mil Rad positive click-stop adjustment for unparalleled repeatability and tracking performance. The elevation turret allows calibration of bullet drop to virtually any known distance and can be reset to zero. Featuring an RD illuminated Mil-Dot style reticle the ZD 4-16x44 enables the shooter to determine quickly and precisely the exact distance of an intended target at almost any range.

    The ZD 4-16x44 RD riflescope features a reticle in the second focal plane. Reticle placement in the second focal plane means that as you increase or decrease magnification, the apparent size of the reticle remains constant.

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    Meopta ZD 6-24x56 RD riflescope

    The ZD 6-24x56 RD is a precision long range riflescope developed for sniper rifles in order to achieve deadly-accurate shot placement at extreme distances. The new Mil Dot 2 illuminated reticle with integrated range-finding markers is calibrated for accurate target estimation in standard calibers 7.62x51 NATO, .308, .338 WM and 12.7 mm. Third turret parallax adjustment ranges from 25 m to infinity, guaranteeing precision aiming at any desired range.
    Advanced illumination system situated on the ocular offers pushbutton control of the illumination with 256 settings for bright and adverse lighting conditions.
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