Meopta Meostar B1 Binoculars

Meopta B1 Binoculars for sale at McAvoy Guns

Meopta Meostar 8x32 B1 Binoculars

Provides a extremely wide field of view. Compact size and light overall weight. Excellent choice for general birding, butterfly and nature watching.  Excels in tight wooded conditions. Perfect for travel and hiking/backpacking.
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Meopta Meostar 8x42 B1 binoculars

Provides a relaxed extremely wide view. The perfect, all-around birding/nature watching binocular.
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Meopta Meostar 8x56 B1 binocular

A highly specialized low light binocular featuring a large 7mm exit pupil and massive 56mm objective lenses, this MeoStar provides resolution and light transmission that is unmatched by any other premium binocular. If you spend your hours in the field during the fringes of the day, you’ll be glad you have the light gathering ability of one of the finest 56mm binoculars in the world.


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Meopta Meostar 10x42 B1 HD binoculars

For observing subjects at longer distances or for maximum detail. Shorebirds, waterfowl, hawk watching, general all-around birding/nature watching.
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Meopta Meostar 12x50 B1 HD binoculars

The addition of extra-low dispersion,fluoride objective lens elements eliminate chromatic aberration (CA) or colorfringing in challenging lighting conditions and deliver pin point resolution,increased contrast and vivid color fidelity. A larger exit pupil delivers a relaxed view and extracts extra detail inlow light and shadowed areas. MB5501TM ion assisted lensmulti-coatings deliver maximum brightness while MeoShield TMcoatings protects exposed lens surfaces from abrasion. Surprisingly compact fora 50mm binocular its size and weight compares directly to competing 42mmbinoculars yet its large objective lens size ensures maximum resolution and lowlight ability at maximum distances. If observe on the edges of the day anddesire the highest resolution images a MeoStar® B1 50mm HD binocularis the perfect choice. 

12x50– High magnification for observing the greatest detail at maximum distances.Excellent choice for nature watching or hunting on wide open terrain wheregreater observation range is desired.

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Meopta Meostar 15x56 B1 HD binoculars

Developed to be the ultimate longrange, low light binocular the MeoStar® 15x56 HD features massive56mm HD objective lenses providing a light gathering capability unmatched byany premium large objective binocular. Extra-low dispersion, fluoride objectivelens elements eliminate chromatic aberration (CA) or color fringing inchallenging lighting conditions and deliver pin point resolution, increasedcontrast and vivid color fidelity.  ProprietaryMB5501TM ion assisted lens multi-coatings deliver maximum lighttransmission in dusk to nighttime conditions and ensures superior brightnessand pin point resolution. Our MeoShieldTM coating protects exposedlens surfaces from abrasion. Sculpted thumb pockets and properly balancedchassis are comfortable during long glassing sessions. If you spend your hoursin the field during the edges of the day and into night our largest MeoStar®binocular will deliver the brightest view. 

15x56– Massive 56mm HD objectives for observing the greatest detail at maximumdistances in low light to dark conditions. Excellent choice for early morning,dusk and nighttime nature watching, hunting and astronomy.

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