Decoying accessories

Decoying accessories for sale at McAvoy Guns
We offer a selection of cradles, floaters, bouncers, poles, pegs & more. Many items have bulk-buy discounts available!

Feathered calling crow decoy

Feathered calling crow decoy for sale at McAvoy Guns

Come in store for a demonstration!

Camo pop-up hide chair

Camo pup-up hide chair for sale at McAvoy Guns
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Pigeon Cradle

Wire pigeon cradle, green,

Buy 10+ save 10%

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Flexiwand decoy floater

Adjustable floater with wing clips. Can be extended from 4ft to 7ft

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Decoy bag with shoulder straps

With shoulder straps for ease of transporting a large number of decoys.
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Drawstring decoy bag

With drawstring closure. Lightweight.
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Lofting poles

Set of six lofting poles with branch head. Total 30ft height
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Hide poles - economy

Set of 4 economy poles with net holder & spike.
Adjustable height.
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Hide Poles - deluxe

Set of four poles with net holder, foot plate & spike.

Adjustable height

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Cross support for hide poles

Set of two cross supporting poles.
Adjustable length
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