General shotgun accessories

We offer a wide selection of accessories for shotguns including, hand guards, tools & more.

Parker Hale Alton luxury canvas & leather certificate wallet

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Parker Hale Brockenhurst luxury leather cartificate wallet

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Plastic snap caps

Protect firing pins when dry firing with these economical snap caps - sold in pairs & available in a variety of calibers.
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Alloy snap caps

Lightweight & durable, alloy snap caps protect firing pins when dry firing. Sold in pairs.
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Brass snap caps

Incredibly durable, brass snap caps protect firing pins when dry firing. Sold in pairs.
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Chromed snap caps

Attractive metal snap caps, chrome plated. pair of 12G

Supplied in gift box

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Nickel snap caps

Attractive, quality nickel snap caps available in a choice of calibers, sold in pairs. Supplied in gift box.
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Bisley leather certificate Wallet

Leather certificate wallet.

Protect your certificate in this stylish, black, leather wallet.

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Bisley leather toe protector

Pop stud fastening. Quality leather with bisley logo.
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Bisley leather hand guard

Quality hand guard in a variety of calibers. Fits most side by side shotguns. With Bisley logo
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Bisley muzzle protector

For 12G. Used to prevent moisture entering the barrels during transport & storage.
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Bisley Nickel extractor hook

Attractive & durable nickel extractor hook. Available in a variety of calibers
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Parker Hale turnscrews

Set of three in beautiful Parker Hale presentation box
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Napier bore flags

The only sure way to show your semi-automatic / pump action shotgun cannot be fired accidentally. Simply load into the chamber leaving the safety flag clearly visible to all.
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Napier big foot cartridge collecter

Now the perfect answer to pickup of spent cartridges, in clay or game shooting locations.

Magnetic stick pickers have become a useful and popular aid, and are well accepted by the shooting community. Napier has been often asked to provide such an item within its range, but until now did not feel that anything could be produced that offered any real advantage in an over saturated marketplace. But the NEW BIGFOOT has changed all that with its unique catch and release handle. It is great for shooters and professional use on clay grounds. At 77 cm long it is comfortable to use and avoids bending, it sits upright on its BIG FOOT, is robust and easy to clean. However unlike all others it collects, AND at the pull of a lever drops them into the bin or collection bag.

No more messy handling of muddy, soiled cartridges that must be pulled off all conventional sticks, the BIGFOOT ejects them with ease.

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Gripstick cartridge collecter

No more back breaking work collecting spent cartridges. Strong magnet will hold over 50 cartridges. Telescopic pole and includes hook for attaching to a belt or bag loop.
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Gripseat cartridge collecter

Seat stick with magnetic base for easy collecting of empty cartridges. Will hold over 50 cartridges. Adjustable height. 

Walking Height: 33½" - 40" 
Seat Height: 25" - 32" 
Max User Weight: 125kg
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