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Franchi is a leader in modern firearm manufacturing techniques, and has perfected the art of building double-barrel and auto-loader shotguns.

The skill and craftsmanship that are the hallmarks of Franchi guns date back to 1868. Franchi began manufacturing firearms in the historic city of Brescia, in Italy’s industrial heartland. It was a time when gunmakers’ guilds isolated themselves to protect their secrets for converting ore into metal and for forging iron into firearm barrels and actions. Remember to contact us to check availability before planning a long journey.


Franchi Eleganti over & under shotgun

30068 / 30070
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Franchi Eleganti over & under shotgun for sale at McAvoy Guns

The lattest addition to the Franchi range of shotguns, the Franchi Elegante is as the name suggests, a beautiful & elegant shotgun with gold inlay & attractive engraving.

  • Multichoke
  • 7 years manufacturer warranty
  • Italian made
  • Includes hard case, 3 chokes, oil etc.