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Whether it’s a high-end riflescope with all the bells and whistles, or a more budget-friendly binocular, you can bet Vortex Optics will bring the best quality and most innovative product to the market at any given price. They're constantly pushing the boundaries of what they can offer you. Vortex Optics lead the field with innovations like argon gas purging, the first fully sealed zero stop on a riflescope, equipping all of their optics with fully multi-coated lenses, and o-ring seals to make sure your optics not only give you the brightest and most crisp image possible, but also perform perfectly out in the elements.

Optical Quality: Vortex uses dense optical glass painstakingly designed, shaped, and polished to eliminate flaws. Sophisticated optical designs and glass result in a brighter, sharper, more colourful image

Superior Construction: You may pay a bit more for optics using quality materials, sophisticated designs, and strict tolerances, but the result is greater reliability in the field.

 Attention to Detail: Vortex Optics' standards are exacting. Vortex engineers spend thousands of hours designing every part, testing every component, and scrutinizing every detail. If Vortex don’t absolutely love it, they know you won’t either.

Some companies claim to offer the highest quality optical products on the market, and many make rather convincing claims about performance, but how many of them can back it up with an unshakable VIP warranty and outstanding customer service? Just one. With Vortex, your experience doesn’t end after you leave the store. Vortex's experienced staff is with you for the long haul. You’ll enjoy a level of customer service that will surprise and delight you. Together, they’ll make sure that as long as you are in the game, your optics will be too.