Heckler & Koch rimfire rifles

Heckler & Koch rimfire rifles for sale at McAvoy Guns

The superb range of fully licensed Heckler & Koch rimfire rifles offer superb quality products, featuring metal construction - a number of official, licensed Heckler & Kock accessories are also available to complement your purchase

Hammerli TAC R1 spare magazines

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Spare Magazines to fit Hammerli TAC R1 rimfire rifle

Also fit the following rimfire rifles; Beretta ARX 160, H&K 416, H&K G36 & Colt M4 Spare magazines


Available in 10, 20 or 30 round capacity

Fits the following models manufactured by Umarex / Walther

  • Beretta ARX 160
  • Heckler & Koch 416
  • Colt M4
  • Heckler & Koch G3
  • Hammerli TAC R1

Heckler & Koch pistol grip

Heckler & Koch
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Heckler & Koch pistol grip for sale at McAvoy Guns
Fits to picatinny fore-arms on Heckler & Koch rimfire rifles

1/2" UNF Silencer adaptor

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Suitable for H & K 416 & Colt M4 models

Includes allen Key