Franchi centerfire rifles

Franchi Horizon rifles for sale at McAvoy Guns

Uusally associated with shotguns, Franchi have built a superb reputation over past decades for providing quality products at exceptional value, part of the Beretta group, they have now branched out into rifles, with the introduction of the Franchi Horizon


Franchi Horizon centerfire rifle

Franchi Horizon centerfire rifle for sale at McAvoy Guns
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Franchi Horizon Elite Strata camo cerakote rifle

The True Timber camouflage of this bolt action, in the Strata tone, guarantees total camouflage in different natural environments through micro and macro plant world design schemes - to challenge the perception of ungulate game, with a field of vision superior to that of humans. If the macro design breaks down the profile of the weapon at any distance, the micro design blends it on any terrain, making it simply invisible. Perfect for both wild boar selection hunting and hunting deer or alpine chamois - but indeed not only - it is an accurate and reliable bolt action. The barrel and action of the Horizon Elite Strata are Cerakoted coated in the Midnight Bronze tone, an ultra-fine paint that increases the durability and resistance of the metal parts and makes it suitable for all hunting enthusiasts in the toughest climates and in extreme environments.

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Picatinny rail for Franchi Horizon

A picatinny one piece rail to fit Franchi Horizon rifles

Blued finish

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