Tikka T1X MTR Rimfire rifles

Tikka's first rimfire rifle.

The Tikka T1x rimfire rifle is designed to handle a wide range of shooting tasks. Its unique barrel has a cross-over profile, which offers you the benefits and stability of a heavier barrel without noticeably increasing the overall weight. It’s a rimfire rifle of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that performs perfectly at the range and in rough terrain.

Tikka T1X MTR Rifle

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The superb new rimfire rifle brought to you by Tikka

Bulding upon their reputation for providing high quality rifles with superb accuracy & up to the minute technology, Tikka have produced their first rimfire rifle - The T1X MTR. Available in .22LR & .17HMR & in a choice of barrel lengths - the Tikka M1X rifle is set to be a hot seller

The barrel has been cold-hammer forged, and its crossover profile offers the benefits of a heavier barrel without the extra weight.

A 10 round magazine comes as standard for both 22 LR and 17 HMR calibers.

Tikka T1x has a stainless steel bolt, which offers smooth movement and unparrallelled weather resistance.

The rifle is compatible with most T3x accessories making it easy to adapt the rifle to your preferences.

The action shares the same bedding surfaces and inlay footprint with the centerfire T3x rifles.

VARIANT                   Tikka T1x      Tikka T1x
Total length (mm)       852              960
Barrel length (mm)     400               510
Weight (kg)                2.4                2.6 
Single stage trigger 
Detachable magazine 
Magazine capacity 10
Rifling 6 grooves
Rate of twist .22; 1:16.5
Rate of twist .17; 1:9 


Tikka T1X UPR rifle

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RATE OF TWIST; 1:16.5"  |  1:9"

Tikka T1X Spare magazine

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Spare magazine for Tikka T1X rifles

GRS Bifrost rifle stock for Tikka T1X

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Available in a choice of colours

Fits the Tikka T1X Rimfire rifle

The next Generation rifle stock

Stronger, lighter and more versatile than any other GRS stock made before. This is the start of a new generation rifle stocks with endless possibilities


· Weight 1.35 kg.

· Ergonomic grip with black rubber surface.

· GRS Limbsaver Airtec recoil pad.

· Prepared for Versapod spigot.

· Prepared for mounting Piccatinny rails.

· 1 Piccatinny rail included.

· 2 pcs. quick detachable flush cup sling mounts.

· Canting of recoil pad in 5∞ increments.

· 30-65% fiberglass reinforced rifle stock.

· GRS SpeedLock II adjustment system (Patent Pending).

· Brown and Green colour.

· Right hand (RH) and left hand (LH) execution.

· Recommended torque settings 5.2 nm.

GRS BIFROST comes with more features and many clever details. It will be available for a wide selection of action inlets.

The great success of the GRS Berserk stock gave us inspiration to develop more rifle stocks in composite materials. The experience of many years and the new possibilities in strength lead to the new design of our brand new GRS SpeedLock II adjustment system (patent pending). This new adjustment system is once again stronger and, moreover, all added features come as a standard!

The new GRS BIFROST (from the name of the Norse mythology bridge between the Earth and Åsgard) is stronger, lighter and more versatile than any other GRS rifle stock that we have made before and is perceived as the logical add-on to our already existing and successful GRS product line, which of course be continued.

The main body of the GRS BIFROST is made of fiberglass reinforced composite materials. Our flush cup sling mounts allow you to quickly detach your rifle sling when necessary.

Rubber surfaces on the ergonomic grip and on the fore end area assure full control during handling your rifle at all times. And the new GRS SpeedLock II adjustment system just makes it the perfect rifle stock to body fit.

The GRS SpeedLock II adjustment system comes with the following standard adjustments:


· Cheek piece height

· Height of pad

· Canting of pad

Super low weight

GRS Bifrost is light and strong as nails. Weighing only 1,3kg, it's easy to carry and easy to handle.

A perfect grip

Made of glass fiber reinforced composite materials. Rubber surfaces on the grip and fore end area assures full control during handling.

Fully adjustable

The SpeedLock 2.0 system (Patent Pending) has LOP and Cheekpiece adjustment, height adjustable and canting adjustment as standard and will withhold the heaviest calibers.

Piccatinny rails

The stock is prepared for the use of piccatinny rails on the side of the fore end, and the rear stock for lights, lasers or other applications.It is also prepared for a VersaPod bipod mount (not included).

Left hand configuration

Bifrost comes in green and brown colors and in LEFT HAND configurations!


GRS Warg custom rifle stock - Tikka T1X

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The GRS Warg is a stock made for the long range shooter - the shooters who use front mounted Night vision / thermal imaging equipment or top mounted bipods.

GRS Warg has our ergonomic grip with an angle of six percent, so your hand is in its best natural state. And of course our unique SpeedLock 2.0 system that makes it easier to adjust the length and height of the stock, and, importantly, to resist recoil from the heaviest calibers. The "AR" style fore end is made for the M Lok mounting system on accessories such as picatinny rails, sling studs, flush cups and so on. We have all of these accessories available (sold separately).

GRS Warg is available in the same inlets and colours as the Bifrost.

GRS Warg is perfect for: the hardcore long range shooter.

Choice of colour

  • Fiberglass reinforced body
  • GRS SpeedLock II adjustment system
  • LOP 35 - 38 cm
  • 0.5” GRS Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad
  • Total length 796 - 807 mm (depending on system inlet)
  • Fore end width 42 mm
  • Weight 1,350 grams in Tikka T3 inlet
  • No bedding required
  • Flush cup sling mounts and push button sling loops
  • One sling mount on the front stock
  • Canting of recoil pad in 5° increments
  • Prepared for mounting Picatinny rails
  • 1 Picatinny rail on the rear stock
  • 2 pcs. quick detachable flush cup sling mounts
  • Recommended torque settings 5.2 nm