The BSA Scorpion SE redefines the hunting carbine and moves the sporting rifle standard to a new level, giving serious shooters a package of features they could previously only dream of. With full power and match-level accuracy, this perfectly balanced rifle has handling characteristics that make fast target acquisition and total control second nature. The Scorpion SE becomes part of your shooting and will help you achieve your full sporting potential.

Designed and built in Birmingham, the Scorpion SE comes with passion as standard, because at BSA we are passionate about our guns and your shooting.

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BSA Scorpion SE multishot air rifle

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The Scorpion series of sporting rifles was created for the hunter that appreciates uncluttered design and supreme function, and that message is perfectly delivered by the latest generation of Scorpion models. With the addition of the superb Tactical stock and BSA’s latest-version 10-shot autoload pellet magazine variations, the Scorpion range now has something special for everyone.

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You may order this gun online, however due to the VCR act, we are not permitted to ship directly to you, we can however ship to a registered firearms dealer local to you. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to arrange which registered firearms dealer you would like the gun to be shipped to. 

Accuracy is assured, courtesy of the Scorpion’s fully-floated, match-grade barrel, which comes ready threaded to take one of our dedicated silencers. Choose from the classic single-shot version, or the magazine-fed, 10-shot autoloader, with further choices involving stock type and power output. All Scorpion models run recoilless, precharged pneumatic actions with self-regulating firing-valves, bolt-action cocking and loading and two-stage, adjustable, precision triggers. The Scorpion is a pure-performance sporter – for hunters with a job to do.

Maximum Power:
.177/4.5mm: 825 ft/sec, 250 m/sec
.22/5.5mm: 570 ft/sec, 173 m/sec

 Slick bolt-action
Hand-filling ‘Bolas’ bolt-handle facilitates easy-action cocking and loading.
 10 shot magazine for fast loading of multiple shots  Fully-floating barrel
With BSA precision rifling for match accuracy, threaded and supplied with highly efficient muzzle brake as standard.

BSA Spare magazines

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Spare 10 shot rotary, self indexing magazines to suit current BSA & Gamo PCP air rifles; R10 SE, Ultra SE, Ultra XL, Scorpion SE, Goldstar SE, Defiant, Phox, Coyote etc.

Colour coded - red = .22, blue = .177

Unlike older models, this version does not have the cut-out for the indexing system on older rifles - to use this magazine with older model guns, the indexing system off the rifle must be removed - this work should only be undertaken by a gunsmith.