Schmidt & Bender Zenith riflescopes

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The distinctive Zenith range of riflescopes,  were selected by Field & Stream magazine as the "Best of the Best". Their streamlined elegance results in compact, efficient scopes that complement, not dominate, your rifles. Everything about a Zenith riflescope is designed for ease of use both in the field and at the range. The full magnification range can be covered in just one 180° rotation – a mere half turn – of the adjustment dial. Eye relief is a safe and comfortable 90 mm (3½ inches). The Posicon system provides a graphic indication of the reticle's position and remaining travel within the scope, facilitating mounting, sighting in, and insuring that you retain as much elevation and windage adjustment as possible. Preferred settings for different loads and bullets can be easily marked for reference. Schmidt & Bender even thought to include a spare battery, conveniently stored in one of the turret caps, with illuminated reticle models.

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Schmidt & Bender Zenith 2.5-10x56 riflescope

The 2.5-10x56 Zenith that won the iF Design Award in 2003 is a compact and at the same time very powerful scope. With its magnification of up to 10x and a lens diameter of 56 mm it is perfectly suited for hide hunting by night and when hunting under poor light conditions. Due to its rather short build the scope is particularly suited for retrofitting on older rifles and on already existing mounts.
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Schmidt & Bender Zenith 3-12x50 riflescope

With its large magnification power the 3-12x50 Zenith permits the hunter to make accurate shots at large distances and to hunt for rather small targets. On top of that, with its enhanced luminous sensitivity the scope is qualified in particular for the use at dusk. With its harmonic form the scope will give each rifle a very agreeable appearance.
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