Schmidt & Bender Exos riflescopes

Designed for close-range high speed shots, the Exos range would make the perfect choice for wild boar hunts. Wide field of view & superb optics, mean that you can make the shot when it counts.

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Schmidt & Bender Exos 1-8x24 riflescope

On the latest Exos line scope the reticle and the FlashDot illumination are located in the second focal plane, therefore remaining constant when switching the magnification. The special feature of this scope is its CC mode in which it may be used parallax-free as a red dot sight with a magnification of 1,0. Its rather big field of view (35.3 m/100 m) makes the scope your ideal choice for the quick shot on fleeting game. With more training the hunter may, when aiming at a short distance, leave both eyes open, thus always remaining on top of things. The scope will be an ideal support for the hunter during driven wild boar or buffalo hunting or when hunting other game which is well able to defend itself.
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