Clay pigeon traps

Clay Pigeon Traps

We offer a wide selection of clay pigeon traps.

Starting with hand powered clay pigeon throwers to sled mounted throwers. We even offer electronic clay pigeon traps for the more serious shooter.

Clay traps are an excellent way of bettering your shooting skills

We supply clay pigeons in store also.

We offer a selection of clay traps & throwers to suit all budgets

MTM EZ II Clay pigeon thrower

The EZ-Throw is the original patented design clay target thrower. Its one-piece design throws clay faster and farther than most mechanical throws and it will not break or rust. The "power curve", as we call it, gives you a smooth throw. So easy to use, whether you are right or left-handed, with a little practice, you will soon be throwing jump birds, curves and ground skimmers.
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MTM EZ III Clay pigeon thrower

Worlds Easiest Handheld Clay Thrower MTM? Case-Gard introduces the world's easiest, handheld clay target tricky gimmicks, no tangled bands or expensive mechanics, just easy, affordable clay launching fun. 

The EZ-3's all new, patent pending, "Power Pivot Arm" makes sending clays easier than ever before. People normally lacking the arm strength for hand-held target throwers suddenly find themselves swinging clays as far and true as the big boys. Split-second trajectory changes, with no mechanical adjustments, means hours of challenging, fast paced shooting fun. 

Equals MTM's "Original EZ-II" velocity, with 30% less effort
No hassling with bands, springs or mechanical parts 
All new, comfort-grip handle, with "Power Pivot Arm" 
Rugged construction with MTM's 5 year guarantee
 Throws left or right handed 
Uses standard 4.5" clay targets 
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MTM EZ MR clay pigeon thrower

Designed for high fly over practice to stimulate doves and geese, the EZ Throw-MR long range thrower (targets up to 95 yards) is the fastest thrower we sell. If you can hit this one, you can hit anything. Comes with one EZ-II and the handle assembly.
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MTM EZ Double clay pigeon thrower

The only hand thrower that can throw birds on top of each other (like a quail covey flush). The EZ Double Throw's amazing design has 10 horizontal and vertical adjustable positions and can be used to throw one or two targets at a time. Using a base-ball type swing, you can easily throw up to 60 yards. Comes with two EZ-II's, as well as the handle assembly.
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Do-All competitor clay pigeon trap

Throws singles, stacked or nesting pairs greater distances. Fully adjustable throwing angles. In-frame anchor holes for extra stability when needed, just use large nails, tent pegs, etc. Welded steel powder coated frame.
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Do All Backyard 3/4 cocked single clay pigeon trap

Effortless cocking that will return automatically three-quarters of the way cocked. Throws targets as singles or stacked doubles. Sliding adjustable clip allows for speed and direction change. The sprocket mechanism allows you to throw targets up to 70 yards in all directions at any angle on all planes.
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Do All raven electronic clay pigeon trap

Footpedal release with 25 foot cord (adjustable). Adjustable cord lengths using your own 3 prong extension cords. Target auto feeder loads directly to throwing arm. Built-in wheels and pull handle. 50 clay stack with 5o-35o launch angles and 2.5 second recycle time. Attachable safety ring guard. Powered by any deep cycle battery.
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Do All Fire Fly auto electronic clay pigeon trap

Lightweight and portable, complete with carry bag. Easy to set up within a matter of minutes. Includes 10 clay pigeon stack and integrated foot pedal launch system, it's perfect for all skill and ability levels. The Fire Fly runs from a 12V deep cycle battery (not included) for hours of fun on a single charge.
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Napier big foot cartridge collecter

Now the perfect answer to pickup of spent cartridges, in clay or game shooting locations.

Magnetic stick pickers have become a useful and popular aid, and are well accepted by the shooting community. Napier has been often asked to provide such an item within its range, but until now did not feel that anything could be produced that offered any real advantage in an over saturated marketplace. But the NEW BIGFOOT has changed all that with its unique catch and release handle. It is great for shooters and professional use on clay grounds. At 77 cm long it is comfortable to use and avoids bending, it sits upright on its BIG FOOT, is robust and easy to clean. However unlike all others it collects, AND at the pull of a lever drops them into the bin or collection bag.

No more messy handling of muddy, soiled cartridges that must be pulled off all conventional sticks, the BIGFOOT ejects them with ease.

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Gripstick cartridge collecter

No more back breaking work collecting spent cartridges. Strong magnet will hold over 50 cartridges. Telescopic pole and includes hook for attaching to a belt or bag loop.
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Gripseat cartridge collecter

Seat stick with magnetic base for easy collecting of empty cartridges. Will hold over 50 cartridges. Adjustable height. 

Walking Height: 33½" - 40" 
Seat Height: 25" - 32" 
Max User Weight: 125kg
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