Browning X-Bolt rifles

The X-Bolt SF was built on the foundations of the success of previous Browning rifles, carrying numerous innovations that will without doubt make it one of the best rifles on the market.
In 2014, Browning presented the brand-new X-Bolt SF or X-Bolt Super Feather Trigger ! In a constant endeavour to evolve and attain perfection, Browning's engineers have taken a close look at how to define a perfect trigger action, the Super Feather Trigger, which equipped every single X-Bolt from now. 
The Super Feather Trigger allows to optimize the trigger load (trigger movement reduced to a minimum and optimal pull) and to increase sensations tenfold when firing. A perfect rifle in your hands – a rifle that possesses all the finest possible sensations and which will offer you countless moments of emotion...

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Browning X-Bolt composite black rifle

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Browning X-Bolt composite brown adjustable

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Browning X-Bolt Eclipse Hunter brown laminate

The styling isn't the only distinguishing feature on the X-Bolt SF Hunter Eclipse Threaded: the laminated wood stock is graced with a thumbhole that provides a natural fit to guarantee a firm but flexible grip for easier movement.

Equipped for fitting a scope, and with the Super Feather Trigger system, the X-Bolt Hunter Eclipse rifle has a threaded barrel (M14x1).
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Browning X-Bolt Hunter II monte carlo

This X-Bolt SF Hunter II Monte Carlo is characterised by a sighting system of a battue rib and a fibre optic front sight; a rear sight is also supplied. This model featuring a Monte Carlo buttstock that is perfect for use with scopes. Supplied with two handles, and also includes a smooth-working jewelled bolt for better ergonomics.
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