Hearing protection

We offer a wide selection of hearing protection.

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ISO tunes sport Defy slim hearing protection

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ISO tunes sport Defy slim basic hearing protection

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ISO Tunes sport defy tactical hearing protection

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ISO Tunes sport caliber hearing protection

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ISO Tunes Sport Advance tactical hearing protector

• ADVANCE Bluetooth hearing protector

• 4 pairs of TRILOGY™ eartips (XS, S, M, L)

• One pair of triple flange eartips

• Micro USB charging cable

• Carrying case

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Bisley compact hearing protection

Light weight and palm size with excellent noise reduction, suitable for Ladies and Juniors, padded, adjustable headband. Suitable to be worn for extended periods, thicker padded ear cushions.
Rated CE EN352-1
Available in Green, Dark Blue, Luminous Green, Luminous Yellow, Light Blue, Purple, Red and Pink. 
Attenuation of 22dB. Weight 188g.
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Pluggerz ear plugs

Pluggerz Shoot is a durable alternative for disposable earplugs. Made of durable, flexible, hypo-allergenic silicone material. Pluggerz are reusable hearing protectors and can be used over 100 times. They offer a universal fit. CE approved and stamped. SNR = 26dB.
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Bisley Active electronic hearing protection

Features include independent volume controls, no external wires & slimline fully folding cups. Uses 2 x AAA batteries (included). SNR 24dB. Can be used with behind-the-ear style digital hearing aids.

Includes hard carry case

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Napier Pro-9 hearing protection

Pro 9 Noise Cancelling Hearing Protection Exclusive, Patented Breakthrough Effective Noise Cancelling technology without Batteries, Electronics, valves, or any moving parts!
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Napier Pro-10 Max 3 hearing protection

Introducing the Pro10, MAX 3 Noise cancelling device.
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Spare cuffs for Napier Pro 9 / 10

2 pairs of soft ear cups, for use with Pro series hearing defenders. Suitable for Pro 9 and 10
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Napier case for pro-9 & pro-10

A light and practical case for the Pro series hearing protectors which can be attached to your belt. Suitable for Pro 9 and 10
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Peltor Kid hearing protection

Telescopic adjustment, folding cups. SNR 26dB.

Choice of colour

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Peltor Bullseye 1 hearing protection

The 3M Peltor Bulls Eye I has wide comfortable sealing rings which are filled with a combination of fluid and foam, giving optimum sealing and low contact pressure. The muff also has collapsible headband for easy storage in a pocket or a bag. Also the lower part of each cup is bevelled to avoid interference between the hearing protector and the rifle butt.

 SNR=27dB, H=32dB, M=24dB, L=15dB

Choice of three colours

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Peltor Bullseye II hearing protection

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Peltor SportTac hearing protection

Developed specifically for hunters and marksmen, the Peltor SportTac has a slim design and contains Green and Orange interchangeable cups. 

Peltor SportTac has an audio input for connecting and external radio, and a level dependent function that amplifies weak sounds and attenuates loud ones. The external communication and level dependent functions are independant of each other, which ensures extra good reliability and better safety. These hearing protectors have been tested and approved according to PPE directive 89/686/EEC and EMC directive 89/336/EEC, which means that it meets the demands for CE labelling.

Powered by two AA batteries (included), the typical period on continuous use that can be expected is 600 hours. Continuous use is defined as 20% use in silent noise 45-50dB, 60% use in medium noise 70-75dB and 20% use in high noise 95-100dB.
To avoid unnecessary battery drainage, the SportTac is fitted with and automatic shut-off feature after 2 hours of no active functions. Two warning signals are emitted every ten seconds for one minute after 1:59 hours of use, to indicate that the unit will switch off. There is also a low power battery indicator to prepare you to replace the batteries.

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Peltor EEP-100 Electronic ear plug kit

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Peltor LEP-200 Electronic ear plug kit

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Peltor TEP-200 Tactical electronic ear plug kit

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