The desmodromic trigger mechanism guarantees your trigger will function even when iced or heavily soiled. The mechanical advantage of a simple lever will ensure success even in the harshest conditions. When things are going your way a 900g trigger, without creep, will turn that thought impulse into action. 
For decades, Blaser’s manual cocking system has set the benchmark. It is acknowledged as one of the safest in the world. There is no mechanical safety system that guarantees the safety of an uncocked firing spring. The R8 is cocked the very moment before shooting. Should the shot not be taken, by simply pressing down on the cocking lever, it will slide back smoothly, decocking the rifle
Even when in the bush, the R8 can be taken down and reassembled within a few seconds. Snow, dirt, leaves or needles are easily removed.
Fast as lightning with a relaxed posture: The bolt handle is located in an ergonomically perfect position, just above the trigger guard. Rifle and eye remain focused on the target giving more time to aim exactly and ensure a perfect shot.
The unique design of the R8 magazine above the trigger allows the overall length of the R8 to be significantly shorter than any conventional bolt action rifle.
Trigger, stock length, handling – everything remains just the way you are used to. Thanks to interchangeable barrels, the R8 is the ideal companion on all continents no matter what kind game your are hunting.

Blaser R8 Professional line of rifles offers a wide choice of user model choices & upgrades. You will find the models available & some of the upgrade options listed on this web site. Due to the huge assortment of options available, if you require a non-standard rifle, we would recommend trying Blaser's configurator tool. This will supply you with all the available options & you can produce a PDF of your rifle & also receive a configurator code, which you can supply to us & we can be sure to quote you for the exact specification you require. The configurator tool is available at the following link; (Opens in new window) Many options are to special order. Please ask for lead times.