Blaser R8 Big game rifles

Blaser R8 Professional line of rifles offers a wide choice of user model choices & upgrades. You will find the models available & some of the upgrade options listed on this web site. Due to the huge assortment of options available, if you require a non-standard rifle, we would recommend trying Blaser's configurator tool. This will supply you with all the available options & you can produce a PDF of your rifle & also receive a configurator code, which you can supply to us & we can be sure to quote you for the exact specification you require.

The configurator tool is available at the following link; Blaser Configurator tool (Opens in new window)

Many options are to special order.

Full product / pricing details will be completed shortly. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us for a quote on the Blaser of your choice

Blaser R8 Professional Hunter Safari rifle

Thanks to its rugged synthetic stock, the R8 Professional Hunter is designed for the hardest conditions and highest demands.
Supplied in large 'Safari' calibers

Blaser R8 Kilombero Safari rifle

A high-performance big game rifle with classic looks. The bolt action rifle R8 Kilombero features every technical advantage possible to aid a successful African hunting trip. 
Supplied in large 'Safari' calibers

Blaser R8 Selious Safari rifle

The big game rifle in classy traditional style. Supplied in large 'Safari' calibers

Bolt handle choices - Optional upgrade

An optional upgrade available only when ordering a Blaser R8 rifle

Triggers - optional upgrades

Available only when purchasing a Blaser R8 rifle

A choice of two trigger meachanisms each available in different colour options.

ATZL Match trigger offers you two trigger pulls - switch between either trigger pull at any time! The match trigger pull of 250g or the hunting trigger pull of 650g