Blaser K95 rifles

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Blaser precision trigger
Its excellent crisp quality is a prerequisite for an accurate shot.
Regarded as one of the best cocking systems in the world, no conventional safety catch can offer the level of safety guaranteed by an uncocked firing pin. The K95 is manually cocked just before the shot is taken. If no shot is fired, the firing pin spring is decocked by pulling back the cocking lever.
All the metal parts on the K95 are either manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials or protected by special surface treatment. The barrel's bore and chamber are polished and require the usual care.
Light and easy to handle
As compact as possible, the K95 is the perfect rifle for physically demanding hunting. It is ready to fire in seconds and extremely accurate.
K95 exchangeable barrels are available in numerous calibers and different versions so that it is easy to set up this versatile rifle for a wide variety of challenges. Once zeroed, every barrel fits and allows you to hit your target effortlessly.

The configurator tool is available at the following link; Blaser Configurator tool (Opens in new window)

Many options are to special order.

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Blaser K95 standard rifle

Timeless elegance reduced to the essential: The basic model of the K95 captivates through sleek profile and harmonious design.
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