RCBS reloading case preparation

RCBS Reloading Case preparation equipment for sale at McAvoy Guns

Every reloader knows that the first step to quality loads is good preparation. Whether you are using brand new brass, or previously fired, the effort you put in to preparing the cases prior to loading will have amazing results on the final, loaded round. RCBS offer many case preparation tools - our most popular is the RCBS Vibratory case cleaner.

Our RCBS Case preparation tools are spread over three pages

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RCBS Brass Boss

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The Brass Boss features six variable speed, rotating stations that completely prepare trimmed brass for reloading, all in one stop. The Brass Boss includes tools for all six stations: an inside VLD chamfering tool, outside deburring tool, primer pocket cleaner (small/large), military crimp remover (small/large), primer pocket uniformer (small/large), case neck brushes (four diameters) and a tub of dry case neck lubricant. Save time, elbow grease and process brass efficiently with Brass Boss.

  • Six variable, high-speed rotating stations (four at <350 rpm; two at <550 rpm)
  • Two fixed stations for case neck brushes
  • Tools included for all stations
  • Storage area for tools not in use
  • 120-240 VAC for operation in multiple countries
  • US, UK, EU and Australian power cords
  • 2-year limited warranty

RCBS Rotary case cleaner - 240v

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The RCBS® Rotary Case Cleaner thoroughly cleans brass with constant rotating action. The quiet, gear-driven motor rotates the drum at 60 RPM. The tumbling action scrubs all surfaces of the brass, and the timer can be set for up to three hours of consecutive cleaning. The drum features an ergonomic handle for easy loading and unloading, and the quick-locking lid keeps contents secure.

  • Ergonomic handle with Quick-locking lid
  • Quiet, gear-driven motor
  • Includes five pounds of magnetic stainless steel media
  • Limited Two Year Warranty

RCBS Ultrasonic / Rotary case cleaning solution concentrate

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Designed for use with the RCBS® Ultrasonic Case Cleaner, the new Ultrasonic/Rotary Case Cleaning Solution quickly removes tarnish, carbon buildup and metal oxides from cartridge cases. The specialized formulation cleans brass cases inside and out, including the primer pockets (spent primers must be removed), producing a bright, professional-grade finish. Ultrasonic/Rotary Case Cleaning Solution is non-corrosive and non-combustible, making it safe and easy to use. One quart of the concentrated solution makes 10 gallons of cleaning mix, and it comes with a built-in measuring cup for use with all brands of ultrasonic cleaners. The Ultrasonic/Rotary Concentrate Solution has anti-tarnish protection and works with rotary style cleaners. 32oz pack

  • Use with Ultrasonic and Rotary style case cleaner/ polishers
  • Removes tarnish, carbon build-up and metal oxides from cartridge cases
  • Non-corrosive/non-combustible
  • Thoroughly cleans brass cases
  • Concentrated – one quart makes 10 gallons of solution
  • Contains anti-tarnish additive to keep cases looking shiny and new

RCBS Dry Case Neck Lube

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Perfect for lubing case necks & great for use with the case prep center.
Supplied in special plastic container which sits in a recess on the Trim Mate case prep center

RCBS Trim Mate Primer Pocket Uniformer

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Designed to be used with the RCBS Trim mate case prep center, trim primer pockets the easy way!
Choice of two sizes

RCBS Trim Mate Dust Cover

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Protect your equipment from harmful debris

RCBS Trim Mate Chamfer tool

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RCBS Trim Mate Chamfer tool for sale at McAvoy Guns
The Trim Mate Carbide Chamfer Tool is a replacement carbide-tipped cutter for the RCBS® Trim Mate. This tool cuts clean and stay sharp for a lifetime of use.

RCBS Trim Mate Deburring tool

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RCBS Trim Mate Deburring tool for sale at McAvoy Guns
The Trim Mate Carbide Debur Tool is a replacement carbide-tipped cutter. It cuts clean and stays sharp for a lifetime of use.

RCBS Case Cleaner Media Sifter

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Remove media from cases after cleaning - quickly & easily.

RCBS Rotary Case / Media Separator

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Remove media from cases after cleaning with the turn of a handle!

Media is collected - without spillage for re-using!

RCBS Case cleaning Media

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Choice of RCBS Walnut shell media or RCBS corn cob media.
For use with RCBS Vibratory case cleaner. Supplied in 4lb boxes. Click on each image to view close-up.

RCBS Polishing Compound

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For that extra high shine.

Pack of five sachets

Use in conjuction with RCBS Walnut shell or RCBS corn cob media

RCBS Universal Case Loading Block

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Every re-loader needs this.
The RCBS Universal Case Loading Block has been designed to fit most any standard rifle or pistol case including the WSM, WSSM and Ultra Mag family of cartridges. The two-sided design offers three different case fits per side and will hold 50 cases. Short pistol cases fit in the raised upper portion of the block for easy access. The stepped holes accommodate large pistol and rifle cases.

RCBS Case Lube kit -2

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One of our most pouplar RCBS products.

Properly clean & lube cases for resizing the simple way with this complete kit.

New for 2012 - now includes the accessory handle-2

Kit Includes;

RCBS Case Lube Pad
RCBS 2 Ounce bottle of Case Lube -2
RCBS Accessory Handle-2
RCBS Neck Brushes x 2 for .22 to .30 calibers.

RCBS Case Lube -2

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2oz Bottle. An excellent lubricant which is water soluble & convenient to wipe off easily with no sticky resi-
due. Non toxic. Great when used in conjunction with the RCBS Case Lube Pad.

RCBS Case Lube Pad

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The best way to lubricate cases for resizing or forming.
Coat the pad with RCBS Case Lube -2,
then roll the case lightly across it. Exactly the right amount of case lube is transferred to the case. Pad can
be removed from the plastic storage case for cleaning.

RCBS Case Neck Brush

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Clean dirt & powder residue from inside necks & simultaneously lubricate for expansion

RCB-09327 Small - .22 to .25 calibers
RCB-09328 Medium - .270 to .30 calibers
RCB-09329 Large - .35 to .45 calibers

Use in conjunction with the Optional RCBS Accessory handle.

RCBS De-Capping Die .22-.25

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 Use the RCBS Decapping die to quickly remove primers from the case prior to cleaning.

A single die can handle calibers from .22 to .45.

Plastic, protective storage case included

RCBS De-Capping Die .27 - .45 Heavy duty

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 Use the RCBS Decapping die to quickly remove primers from the case prior to cleaning.

For heavy duty or crimped cases

Plastic, protective storage case included

RCBS Decapping Unit

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RCBS Decapping Unit for sale at McAvoy Guns

RCBS Berdan Decapping Tool

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Sick of seeing all those military cases going to waste?
The perfect tool for removing Berdan primers to enable re-use of cases.

RCBS Primer Pocket Swager Combo - 2

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The perfect tool for quick removal of Primer-Pocket crimps from military cases.
Unlike reaming, the pocket swager combo forms a perfectly round pocket correct in dimension for American-Boxer type primers. Comes with swaging heads for large & small pockets. Fits nearly all 7/8"-14 thread presses with
RCBS type removable shell holders. Not for use on progressive presses.

RCBS DeBurring Tool .17 - .60

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Prep cases quickly
Insert the pointed end to remove burrs & bevel inside the case.
Fit the open end over the case mouth to remove exterior burrs. Hardened cutting flutes stay sharp for years.
Knurled for hand or lathe use. For use on cases from .17 to .45.

RCBS VLD DeBurring Tool

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RCBS VLD DeBurring Tool for sale at McAvoy Guns

Available with or without handle

VLD-style tool removes burrs from case mouths at an angle that permits bullet seating without damaging bullet bases, especially on boattail designs. Includes handle.

RCBS Primer Pocket Brush Combo

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RCBS Primer Pocket Brush Combo for sale at McAvoy Guns

Low cost & Low fuss!

Now featuring the new Accessory handle-2

A build up of residue in primer pockets can cause misfires. A couple of twists with
the RCBS primer pocket brushes and the residue is easily cleaned out. The brushes have stainless bristles &
interchangeable mounts for large & small primer pockets.