FX BobCat II air rifle

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Revolutionary and Evolutionary describe the new FX Bobcat. This latest, high tech, air powered shooting machine from FX utilizes a Hybrid stock and action. The Bobcat borrows the best of the bull pup design. Short action for speed in handling and full-length power plant for high power and high shot count.

Available in a choice of four calibers


You may order this gun online, however due to the VCR act, we are not permitted to ship directly to you, we can however ship to a registered firearms dealer local to you. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to arrange which registered firearms dealer you would like the gun to be shipped to.

FX puts the cocking and loading system in a more traditional placement for ease of use and comfort. The end result is a full powered, high performance rifl e that is super compact and neutrally balanced. The Bobcat includes a moderated shroud system for super quiet report. A quick-change power adjuster allows the shooter to go from back yard plinking to long range hunting in seconds. The Bobcat’s stock is a high strength synthetic that incorporates a large pressure gauge indicating the pressure in the rifle, a holding system for spare magazines, a movable cheek piece for comfort and a soft touch coating for all-weather use.

The Bobcat’s magazine is the same reliable unit in the Royale; easy to load and use. The rifle’s design encourages use in the field and in matches. The lack of recoil and muzzle jump, do to the design, allows the shooter to compete at the highest levels of bench-rest competition. A factory regulator is available as an option, but is not required for superb results, and comes standard on the .30 caliber model. The FX Bobcat’s barrel is the match winning, Smooth Twist unit that is now world famous for performance. The FX Bobcat is the fi nal word in accuracy, power, precision, and quality in a bull pup.

NOTE: Energy stated in the info is maximum possible energy.


Cocking system; Sidelever

Magazine type: Removable magazine

16 shot in cal 4,5 (.177)
12 shot in cal 5,5 (.22)
11 shot in cal 6,35 (.25)
9 shot in cal 7,62 (.30)

Stock: Synthetic

• Thumbhole
• Adjustable recoil-pad


4,5 (.177)
5,5 (.22)
6,35 (.25)
7,62 (.30)

Barrel: FX Smooth twist
Match grade

Length cal 4,5 (.177) 485 mm
Length cal 5,5 (.22) 485 mm

Length cal 6,35 (.25) 600 mm
Length cal 7,62 (.30) 600 mm

Fill pressure:

220 Bar • 3200 psi
(250 Bar • 3600 psi Cal: 7.62)

Safety: Manual

Optics: 11mm dovetail rail

Muzzle: Full shroud

Pressure gauge: Yes

Trigger: Adjustable match trigger
(300 – 700 gram)


  • 4,5 (.177): 12 ft/lbs • 18 ft/lbs in FAC
  • 5,5 (.22): 12 ft/lbs • 36 ft/lbs in FAC
  • 6,35 (.25): 12 ft/lbs • 48 ft/lbs in FAC
  • 7,62 (.30): 12 ft/lbs • 76 ft/lbs in FAC

Air capacity:

  • 4,5 (.177): 300 cc
  • 5,5 (.22): 300 cc
  • 6,35 (.25): 470 cc
  • 7,62 (.30): 470cc

Air Cylinder; Removeable


4,5 (.177): 750 mm
5,5 (.22): 750 mm

6,35 (.25): 940 mm
7,62 (.30): 940 mm


4,5 (.177): 3,5 kg
5,5 (.22): 3,5 kg

6,35 (.25): 3,8 kg
7,62 (.30): 3,8 kg

Charging; Quick charge system MkII


Gun Type: Air rifle
Action type PCP
Condition; New