Reflex Wheel target

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Reflex Wheel target for sale at McAvoy Guns

A BIG moving target that is designed to get your blood pumping! Genuinely a unique, challenging and enthralling target.

Great to shoot at solo as it really keeps your interest or enjoy dueling with friends.

For too long we have shot at stationary targets... For skilled shooters .. hitting static targets can be all too easy, especially at typical garden length ranges…this target changes all that!   

Snap shooting or timed shots?... you may have to give the targets lead to hit them as they spin past your crosshairs! The targets stop for a microsecond as the targets change direction..Can you judge where they will stop.. be fast enough to shoot them .. before they accelerate around again?

Creates a brand new way for air gunners to sharpen their skill and/or have a laugh with friends. 

Targets are mounted radially on a freely revolving wheel with precision bearing. Hitting the paddles changes the balance and causes the wheel and targets to spin, change direction and increase/ decrease in speed. The paddles can be shot inwards or outwards.

Many great ways to play!

Shoot all the paddles in numbered order fast as you can ! .. Creates massive movement and speed .. hard to hit.
Hit all the paddles back out in reverse order
Shoot all paddles to achieve minimum movement in the fastest time.
Duel with mates simultaneously .. One mate shoots them in while you shoot them out. Creates absolute mayhem as targets change speed and direction unpredictably as paddles are knocked in or out.
Starting with Red shoot alternating colours : Red, Black in and out.
Physically spin the wheel and try and shoot the targets (they can keep on moving for over 2 mins from a moderate spin .. without even hitting a paddle)
Invent your own games and rules..

The target packs down with ease.  55cm tall and 46cm across but packs down to a small box or folds for storage and transit.

Suitable for all NON FAC Air Rifles. Powder Coated.  Adjustable Paddle Control Tension. 45mm Paddles.

SAFE, No need to walk down range.
Designed and made in England. Buy British and enjoy your shooting.
Weight  1.7 Kg   Height 55cm, 46cm wide, 20cm deep