Reflex 8 Shot gallery target

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8 Shot gallery target for sale at McAvoy Guns


Brand new on the market, designed and made in the UK
A new  fast snap "Knock UP  DOWN" Action.

Challenging and Fun. Targets range in size from 14mm square to 40mm round.

Targets for Every Skill Level !

Engineered from Thick Steel and Powder Coated in the UK.  Superb Quality built to last.

Suitable for all non FAC airguns - easily adjustable control tension to work with air pistols and high power rifles

Shoot the 40, 35, 30 25mm round paddles down and then shoot them back up thru the smaller shapes .... No reset required.

These targets are the best quality around at a fantastic price!  

NOTE FOLKS; The legs on each end need bolting to the target, that will require a 5mm Allen Key, 13mm spanner and 60 seconds

Weight: 1.4 KG
Size 27cm long x 21cm high x 15cm wide