Lucky line launcher with reel

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Lucky line launcher for sale at McAvoy Guns

The Lucky Line launcher is equipped with a reel to retrieve and reuse the shot line. The line is 250ft of 130lb test braided Dracon. After the line is deployed, the reel retrieves the line and at the same time arranges it in the storage bottle tangle free for the next shot. The reel is designed so that there is no bail or lever to open in order for the string to exit the bottle so there is nothing to forget to do before your next shot. The drag is placed on the line during the retrieve with the use of an adjustable lever on the bottom of the reel.

The combination of a pistol grip, full length shoulder stock and an areo-dynamic dummy allow for very precise placement of the line everytime. The distance of the shot will vary depending on the weight and style of dummy and the power level of blanks being used. Distance straight up will vary from 40ft to 125ft+.

UK Proofed.