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BASC; Law & Licensing

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Paper back, 96 pages, Coulour 196x128mm

Bill Harriman

Firearms law serves two functions – prevention of the use of firearms in crime and preservation of public safety. In his guide to Law and Licensing, Bill Harriman explores current firearms legislation. His experience as a legal advisor and firearms forensic examiner provides useful insight into the conditions surrounding legal possession and use of firearms and shotguns. He examines common misconceptions and provides extensive practical guidance for compliance. Real case studies and examples from his own experience help to illuminate some of the more obscure aspects of legal firearms ownership in Great Britain.

  • ~ All aspects of firearms law and licensing in one place
  • ~ Challenges received wisdom and artificial interpretation of law by the police
  • ~ Debunks myths and answers many frequently encountered questions
  • ~ Written from a shooter's perspective

    Bill Harriman is a legal advisor, firearms forensic examiner and journalist and has written hundreds of articles over the last 25 years. He is the firearms and militaria on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.