Schultz & Larsen Legacy rifle

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Schultz & Larsen Legacy rifle for sale at McAvoy Guns

The new arrival to the Schultz & Larsen family.  The Legacy is a beautiful baby, slim, light and deadly accurate. This is the perfect frame for the popular .222 Rem and .223 Rem calibres, plus .300 Blackout.

Weighing in at just 2.8 kg with a barrel length of 53.5cm and a magazine capacity of 3 + 1, the Legacy will be the favoured choice for an evening walk round.

Barrels are screw cut for a sound moderator with a 1/2x20 UNF or M14x1 thread. The top of the action accepts the strong and lightweight Schultz & Larsen all steel scope mounts, available in a range of diameters and heights. The action is drilled and tapped for those who wish to use an alternative mount (hole spacing is 22mm and action radius 15mm).

Just like other rifles in the Schultz & Larsen family, the Legacy has a switch barrel system allowing the barrel to be changed for any other in its calibre group with just a simple wrench. The same bolt is used with all Legacy calibres. The surprisingly low cost of a barrel makes it viable to own a Legacy in all three calibres. 

Due to the smaller diameter action, Classic and Victory barrels do not interchange and only barrels designed specifically for the Legacy can be used.

The Legacy is available in right hand only.

There are two sling swivel studs pre-fitted to the Legacy. One is at the rear, on the bottom of the stock in front of the recoil pad, and one on the forearm. The swivel studs accept sling swivels of 8mm wide, with 3.5mm pin diamter.

Calibre Twist Rate

  • .222 1 : 10
  • .223 1 : 8
  • .223 1 : 10
  • .300 BLK 1 : 7.5