Hornady powder bushings

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Hornady powder bushings for sale

How to select bushings for half-grain charges:

Hornady powder bushings are identified by numbers that correspond to the size of their inside diameter. (For instance, the inside diameter of the #456 bushing is .456 inches.) Bushings for powder charges in half-grain increments can be calculated from this chart. Simply “split the difference” between the two even grain bushings, and select the bushing nearest the result.

Example: To find the bushing for 18½ grains of Hercules Red Dot powder, note that bushing #468 gives a charge of 18 grains and that bushing #480 gives 19 grains. Split the difference between 468 and 480, and the result is 474. Thus, the correct bushing for 18½ grains of Red Dot is bushing #474.

IMPORTANT: Due to agitation of powder during the loading operation, different models of loaders require different bushings. Therefore, the above chart should be used only for 366 Autoand Hornady’s APEX.Additional charts are published for other Hornady loaders. All charges listed on this chart are an average of several loads that were weighed following the complete reloading cycle. Powders used in establishing these loads were from samples supplied by the manufacturer. Charges may vary slightly due to operator’s technique and/or powder variables.

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