Napier SR-Ricochet shooting glasses set

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SR is the latest in competitive shooting sports protection from Napier of London. Designed by shooters, the SR allows for a full 180 field of view maximising performance and comfort. Complete with 5 interchangeable lens to suit all lighting conditions. The new Napier Ricochet lens is optically correct and made from the highest quality polycarbonate to offer unrivalled protection.

Grey: Good for highest light level conditions this lens reduces eye fatigue,
provides true colour perception and minimizes glare.

Vermillion: Ideal for low lighting and enhancing orange clays. This lens improves visual depth,
reduces eye strain, enhances visibility and offers the greatest amount of contrast.

Sodium: Ideal for fog, haze and extreme weather conditions this lens filters out blue light.

Bronze: Good for general use and everyday conditions, this lens enhances
contrast and contains a red element to improve depth perception.

Lilac: Good for low light levels and impact protection without colour change.