Walther Pro PL60 RS Gunlight kit

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500 Lumen

Includes batteries, AAA battery adaptor, pressure pad, lanyard, pouch

The PL60-series is called "Pocket Light" with good reason. With its slim, end-to-end tubular design and a diameter of 26 mm it almost disappears in your jacket. It features an output of up to 500 lumens, a Multi Battery System and a turning focus. PX8 rating for watertightness to 15 m. The PL60 RS has a remote push button switch (RS) but is otherwise the same in design. It comes with a rugged but compact mounting. The light values with mounted remote push button switch will be reduced (e.g. Lumens -20%), due to technical reasons.

PLEASE NOTE: With the remote push button switch the lower output levels of 40% and 10% in the above table are not possible and the Tactical Defense Mode is disabled.

Length140 mm
Weight125 g
Range160 / 100 / 50 (100% / 40% / 10%) m
Battery type2 x CR123 3 V
Brightness (Ansi)425 / 170 / 45 (100% / 40% / 10%) lumens
AccessoriesBatteries 2 x CR123
batterie box for 3 x AAA
universal holder
cable switch
Light duration3:20 / 8:30 / 38 (100% / 40% / 10%) h
ChipCree XM - L2