Walther Pro PL70 La Chasse torch

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935 Lumen

The hunting edition of the proven PL70 flashlight, in bright orange so you won’t lose it out in the field. The multi-battery system (MBS) gives you a choice: two CR123 batteries (for more power at below-freezing temperatures) or an ICR 18650 lithium-ion battery for repeated recharging. You can also use regular or rechargeable AAA batteries, which can be bought anywhere. Whatever you choose, this power-packed flashlight will deliver a whopping 910 lumens according to the ANSI standard. You can focus it with a single hand and switch between 100%, 40% and 10% (to preserve night vision) at the touch of a button – a much-appreciated feature of all flashlights in the Walther Pro series. In addition, the Tactical Defense Strobe (TDS) with its irritating 20-Herz flashing rate will help you deal with unpleasant encounters. It can be activated from any of the settings, even from “off”.

Brightness (Ansi)935 / 375 / 95 (100% / 40% / 10%) lumens
ChipCree XM - L2
Battery type2x CR123, 1x ICR 18650 recharchable battery, 3x AAA Alkaline oder, 3x AAA NI-MH
Light duration1:20 / 2:15 / 9 (100% / 40% / 10%) h
Range215 / 155 / 90 (100% / 40% / 10%) m
Length143 mm
Weight171 g
AccessoriesBatteries (2 x CR123), Battery box for 3 x AAA