Bergara B14 Sporter - Black synthetic

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As with the entire B14 Series, the SPORTER brings Bergara Barrel accuracy to a line of hunting rifles that is affordable to serious big-game hunters. Built in Spain, this rifle delivers a level of quality and performance that is unmatched in its price range. All B14 Series barreled actions feature Graphite Black Cerakote™ finishes for advanced protection in harsh weather.

It’s outfitted with a Bergara curved adjustable trigger we designed to guarantee a crisp, clean pull every time you fire the rifle.  The Sporter is available with either a hinged floorplate or a detachable magazine.

All B14 rifles are capable of producing 1.0 MOA groups or less at 100 yards using factory match grade ammunition.

You may order this gun online, however due to uk legislation, we are not permitted to ship directly to you, we can however ship to a registered firearms dealer local to you. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to arrange which registered firearms dealer you would like the gun to be shipped to.

Monte Carlo style polymer stock
The molded synthetic stock is made of glass fiber reinforced polymer. During the molding process, solid steel pillars are inserted and permanently molded into place, providing a secure and stable bedding surface for the barreled action. A SoftTouch coating gives the stock soft, tacky feel that is easy to grip even in harsh weather.

Bergara Action
The Bergara barrel on this rifle for hunting whatever your heart desires is complemented by our super-smooth B-14 Action, which is a two-lug system with a sliding plate extractor and a coned bolt nose and breech to ensure a smooth feeding and extraction of the cartridge. It has been factory drilled and tapped to fit Remington 700 style rings and bases.

Internal Box Magazine or Detachable Magazine
The B14 Sporter features your choice of an internal box magazine or detachable magazine.

Bergara Barrel
The Bergara 4140 CrMo steel barrel is finished in Graphite Black Cerakote™. All barrels are threaded. Available with or without open sights.


.243 Win1:1016,6 mm3,3 kg110 cm56 cm (22")4 + 13 + 1
6,5 Creedmoor1:816,6 mm3,3 kg107 cm56 cm (22")4 + 13 + 1
.308 Win1:1216,6 mm3,3 kg107 cm56 cm (22")4 + 13 + 1
6,5x55 SE1:8.6616,6 mm3,4 kg115 cm61 cm (24")4 + 13 + 1
.270 Win1:1016,6 mm3,4 kg115 cm61 cm (24")4 + 13 + 1
.30-06 Spring.1:1016,6 mm3,4 kg115 cm61 cm (24")4 + 13 + 1
8×57 JS1:1016,6 mm3,4 kg115 cm61 cm (24")4 + 13 + 1
7 mm Rem Mag.1:9.516,6 mm3,4 kg115 cm61 cm (24")3 + 12 + 1
.300 Win Mag.1:1016,6 mm3,4 kg115 cm61 cm (24")3 + 12 + 1
.338 Win Mag.1:1019,1 mm3,4 kg107 cm61 cm (24")3 + 12 + 1