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Barnes reloading manual #4

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note; does not include data for LRX or TTSX

The Barnes Reloading Manual Number 4 is a reloading manual that provides an up-to-date guide for loading Barnes Bullets. Full color illustrations appear throughout the manual, which has a distinctive embossed and debossed cover.

More than 200,000 rounds were fired in testing the loads contained in the manual. Extensive loading data provided covers the full range of Barnes Triple-Shock X Bullets® (TSX) hunting bullets now available. Loading data is also offered for the Barnes Banded Solids for dangerous big game, as well as for the extremely popular Varmint Grenade—a highly frangible varmint bullet developed from military technology.

The manual features loading data for many recently introduced cartridges, including Winchester’s Short and Super-Short Magnums, .338 Federal and the .375 Ruger. It also contains data for big bore dangerous game cartridges like the .470 and .500 Nitro Express, .505 Gibbs and .577 Nitro. Extreme-range accuracy loads for Barnes’ .50 BMG bullets are listed for Very High Power shooters.

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