Tikka Spartan XLB102 Pro Hunt bipod

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1x Spartan Tikka bipod
1x Adapter with strap loop
3x Rubber adapter pad (various shapes)
6x Mounting screw (various sizes)
1x Assembly tool

Spartan Tikka bipod designed for demanding hunters, excels in high quality workmanship and allows easy and fast operation with one hand. Retractable legs made of high-quality carbon fiber ensure low weight and strength. The design of the external friction lock helps keep the foot locking mechanism free of dirt and allows quick and easy adjustment. Carbide tips and rubber cover ensure a stable position on various surfaces. Durable construction made of hard anodized aluminum 7075 with the function of locking the shooting position with one hand. The Spartan Magnetic Attachment System ensures a simple and quick connection of the bipod to the rifle.
Easy installation: just replace the sling stud with the included adapter. The adapter (included) has an eyelet, to allow the use of standard sling swivels.

Additionao Spartan adaptors can be purchased & fitted to each of your rifles, allowing one bipod to fit all,