The Keen Shots Miscellany

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Peter Holt

Hard back

208 pages


A book to enthral every shooting enthusiast! With a collection of over three hundred entries on the subject of game shooting past and present ranging from the bizarre, the quirky, the curious and the intriguing through to the downright odd!

Full of fascinating facts and stimulating information and detail, this book will delight every shooting enthusiast.

"Holt's book draws from a bewildering array of sources to assemble seemingly random data for the shooter's entertainment and enlightenment."
Shooting Times

"Quirky facts to bring up at the shoot lunch."
The Times

"The Miscellany has been enormously successful in recent years, and it was only going to be a matter of time before we saw one for shooting. If you like this sort of book, then you will love this. The book has something in it to interest anyone with even a passing interest in shooting. Buy it for a heart warming laugh after a cold day in the field."
Shooting Gazette

While Captain Horatio Ross's feat of shooting 20 swallows with a flintlock pistol may not evoke our admiration it certainly stirs the sense of wonder, as do so many things in this perfect bedside or bogside companion. The ideal stocking-filler for anyone who shoots."
BASC Shooting & Conservation