The Keen Foxhunters Miscellany

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Peter Holt

Hard back

224 Pages


The Keen Foxhunter’s Miscellany is an intriguing collection of hunting lore with three hundred and fifty entries covering all aspects of fox hunting from yesteryear to the present day. Filled with an abundance of fact, fiction and quirky tales, this is a well researched and entertaining title, which is easy to dip in and out of.

Everything to do with fox hunting is here, including profiles of hunting eccentrics such as ‘Mad’ Jack Mytton (who was so obsessed by his appearance that he owned 150 pairs of breeches) and Harry, Marquis of Hastings, whose tendency to arrive on the field two hours late and sozzled made his brief Mastership of the Quorn a disaster.

"This is an amusing collection of 'fascinating facts', stories and quotes about hunting. Hostesses will be relieved to know that masters of foxhounds should be seated above bishops, MPs and judges - the chat should be better, at least. And did you know that the first mention of hounds 'speaking' was made by the Roman poet Ovid? That when a fishmonger from Piccadilly came out with the Essex in the 18th century, the day had to be cancelled because he smelled so strongly that hounds were incapable of hunting? Or the Frederick Engles, co-author of the Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx, hunted regularly with the Cheshire? Even the most knowledgable hunting person will glean something from this smart little book, and I expect it to fill a lot of stockings this Christmas. Perfect for bedside, loo-side or perhaps, on the dullest day, covertside."
Horse & Hound

"There have been miscellanies for everything else so it is about time we foxhunters had one too. This book is perfect for those who will spend the majority of the festive season in the saddle and is full of good supper-party snippets."
The Field

"This appealing anthology is set to become an essential addition to the library of keen foxunters everywhere."
Hounds Magazine

"Foxhunting trivia past and present, including 18-century poems, advice on how to address the MFH, a vivid description of a horrible hunt ball in 1926 and profiles of hunt eccentrics."
Country Life

"...definitely enough quirky and amusing additions to enliven all lovers of the chase." Scottish Field

"Containing over 350 entertaining snippets on hunting past and present, from Xenophon to the present day, big names and hitherto unknowns, with hunting presented as a passion and a paradox, this book can be dipped into or read from cover to cover with equal pleasure...Small enough to take on holiday or to a business conference, easy to pick up and read at any small interval which would improve from an injection of fieldsports, this book is a delight to read, provides enough information for any amount of hunting quizzes and would also make an ideal gift."
Countryman's Weekly

"His [the author's] research has certainly been impeccable and the snippets and stories down the centuries will delight those delighted by foxhunting...."
The Shrophire Magazine

"This is a marvellous collection... Author Peter Holt reveals some fascinating trivia, such as the fact that despite his weight, cricketer WG Grace spent is winters riding to hounds!."
Cotswold Life