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Mike Robinson

Spiral Hardback

128 pages


You’ve caught your game – now how do you prepare it for the table. Leading chef Mike Robinson has collaborated with Nick Ridley to prepare a step-by-step guide which is easy to follow. All the common species are included: grouse, pheasant, partridge, salmon, trout, rabbit, deer etc as well as more unusual quarry such as squirrel and boar. Detailed instructions show the correct way to gralloch, gut, skin and prepare the game for cooking. Written by a leading chef who specialises in game cooking, this unique book will be an excellent reference source for all field sportsmen, chefs and anyone else who is involved in the preparation of game.


"If you've ever wanted to learn how to prepare game, or have had a couple of goes and are looking to hone your technique, then this book is for you."
Shooting Gazette

"This book will act as an invaluable guide for those eager to delve into the nitty-gritty of taking game from field to fork... it will have a pride of place in every country kitchen."
The Field

"At last, a clear and simple guide to plucking, gutting, skinning and generally preparing game for cooking. Each step is preparation is briefly described and then clearly demonstrated in Nick Ridley's superb photographs. Althogether a sensible, practical book that ensures you get the best from what you shoot."
BASC Shooting & Conservation

"With explicit pictures, it guides the cook on everything from plucking a pheasant to gutting a boar. With the game season now well underway and people looking for alternatives to turkey, this could be a very timely addition to the bookcase."
AGA Living

"Even if you were familiar with breasting out pigeons or pheasant, would you know how to prepare a squirrel, or boar, for the table? Maybe not, so this is where this excellent book by top chef Mike Robinson comes to the fore... The spiral binding format aids ease of use in the larder or kitchen. Highly recommended."
Sporting Gun

"...invaluable to any keeper who has culinary tendencies or who sells game direct to the consumer. Clear photographs give step-by-step instructions on how each cut is done. Keep a copy in your game larder and kitchen!"
NGO Keeping the Balance

"The photographs by Nick Ridley are superb and complement the excellent and effective text. The short foreword is well worth reading and bearing in mind. I did like the last sentence where the author says, "Remember, it is our duty as sportsmen and women to eat what we shoot or catch". There is a wide range of quarry from deer to woodcock and salmon to wood pigeon and this is definitely a book to consider for Christmas, whatever your taste."
Highland News

"A spiral bound, wipe-clean guide to game preparation from TV chef Mike Robinson. This full colour, step-by-step guide takes you through each stage, covering all the main game species. A must-have for country kitchens up and down the land."
Sporting Shooter

"Every species is taken, as the title implies, from the field to the kitchen table. Neither are the procedures individual to particular species ignored: it is good to see a full description of the traditional preparation of woodcock, while breasting and crowning of game birds are neatly covered. Each step in preparation is depicted in a series of easy-to-follow photographs by leading sporting photographer Nick Ridley. The publishers have helpfully produced the book in a workmanlike style which ensures that it will be of practical use to the stalker, shooter or fisherman as he converts his quarry into useable meat or fish. This is an invaluable addition to the bookshelf of any country kitchen".
British Deer Society Magazine: Deer