Deer Management in the UK

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Domenic Griffith,,

Alois K Prince of Lowensten, Marco Pierre White.

Hard back

176 pages


With 25 years of professional deer management experience, the author shows how to manage deer to their best potential. Whilst much deer management can result in a harassed and pressured deer population, this invaluable guide demonstrates how a more gentle approach has the benefit of an unstressed, visible and truly manageable population of deer. The book concentrates mainly on roe and includes detailed case studies; a modern approach to cull planning; collaborative management techniques, plus 10 delicious venison recipes from 3-star Michelin chef, Marco Pierre White.


"The author is an authority on deer management. Here, he focuses on roe deer populations, providing compelling arguments for his methods. The book is well illustrated, and includes venison recipes from Marco Pierre White and good information on trophy measurement. A practical guide to managing deer to their potential."
The Field

"I always admired Dominic's first book, which was a fantastic record of how to manage deer in Southern England. Deer Management in the UK is an updated, amended, enlarged and improved version. Beautifully produced by Quiller, with superb new photos by Brian Phipps among others and a selection of wonderful recipes by Marco Pierre White, it will be seen as a must-have for all stalkers' libraries. Dominic Griffith is without question one of the most knowledgeable stalkers and authoritative deer managers still practising in Great Britain today. A dedicated deer manager, Dominic has been extremely generous with his hard-won knowledge, always willing to share his vast experience and passion for roe with his fellow enthusiasts. This book updates the author's previous records and adds three case studies of areas he has had under continuous management for 15 years. Clearly a massive enthusiast of deer and roe in particular, Dominic has taken a career-long interest in recording and analysing trophy quality in roe. What he has achieved in these areas is truly extraordinary, and this is the first book that makes the direct link between theory and practice in roe management... Deer Management in the UK is an invaluable guide on how to manage all deer to the best of their potential. Dominic's first book went a long way to introducing a new approach to deer management. This is the finished product, and it was a real pleasure to review it."
Sporting Rifle

"Dominic Griffith will be well known to most people in the deer world. As well as managing deer, principally roe, on several premier estates in Hampshire over a period of 25 years, he is a recognised trophy measurer and an acknowledged expert on roe deer... Throughout this book you will find philosophies and approaches to deer management which are informed by hard-earned practical experience... Illustrated throughout with beautiful photography, this book is an absolute must for anyone with a passion for roe."
Deer Magazine

"Dominic Griffith's latest book is essential reading for the serious stalker and cook as this updated version now includes ten fantastic recipes from Michelin three-star chef, Marco Pierre White. The book contains valuable information drawn from the author's 25 years of professional deer management. An ethical and sensible approach is taken to the management of wild deer, with particular attention to roe deer in the south of England. Readers will find the information on cull planning and objectives a valuable reference source, and three intriguing deer management case studies giving the reader a real insight in to how roe deer can be managed successfully with differing objectives over a period of time. The book also provides updated trophy measurement records and trophy analysis and contains something for everyone involved in managing deer or cooking the end product!"
BASC Shooting & Conservation