Practical Woodland Stalking

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192 pages


Woodland deer stalking is growing rapidly in popularity as more and more shooters discover the challenge of stalking the deer which live on their doorstep. this book takes woodland stalking beyond the basics to examine in detail the techniques ant tactics required in order to achieve success.

After considering the suitability of differetn calibres for various purposes, the book deals with the finer points of accessories such as riflescopes, moderators, and bipods and explains how a more experienced stalker can make his choices from what is available in the marketplace - or create his own DIY equipment.

An extensive and in-depth section on hunting methods is packed with practical detail and tips about successful hunting on foot and from high seats, plus the use of calls. A further aspect of stalking which is becoming increasingly popular is co-operative deer culling, and guidance is offered to the deer manager on how to organise a team cull. There is also helpful advice on assessing cull targets.

The book looks at what the successful amateur deer stalker can do with the deer which he brings home from the wild. It deals with carcass recovery, care of the carcass after hunting, building or setting up a home deer larder, selling venison to the game dealer and direct sales to the public within the framework of current game and food hygiene legislation. The book concludes with a section on venison butchery and basic processing such as home smoking and sausage making.