The British Shotgun - Vol 3

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I M Crudgington & D J Baker


320 pages


The continuing high demand for copies of Volumes One and Two of the renowned British Shotgun series has led to Quiller issuing new facsimile editions to complement the long-awaited publication of Volume Three (now available). Both of these important works are lavishly illustrated with contemporary photographs and diagrams, illustrations and patent drawings. Volume One 1850-1870 – traces the evolution of the shotgun during its formative years in Great Britain. Extensively and painstakingly researched, this highly regarded work gives an invaluable insight into the developments that took place during this innovative period. Volume Two 1871-1890 – the authors continue to unravel the intricate and fascinating story of the evolution and development of the British shotgun.


'It may have been 20 years in the making, but the third volume of Ian Crudgington and David Baker's trilogy The British Shotgun has been well worth the wait. It picks up the story in 1891 and passes through 120 years of technological development, to end in the present day... The authors of The British Shotgun can be proud of their achievement. They have succeeded in chronicling the British shotgun's technological history in a manner that informs, educates and entertains. The first two volumes are already regarded as classics and Quiller has published facsimile editions for those who missed them when they first came out - welcome news for me, as I have used mine so much, they are quite worn out. I confidently predict that this latest volume will soon join its predecessors in becoming a classic work.'
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