Training the Working Spaniel

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Janet Menzies

Hard back

224 pages


Training the Working Spaniel makes it simple for anyone to train their gundog, no matter what facilities are available.

The book contains chapters on training the urban gundog; how to keep a working dog in a family home; and introducing first-timers to working their spaniel in a variety of shooting situations. The author takes the reader, whether novice or experienced, all the way from teaching the pup to ‘hup', to competing in field trials at the highest levels. The book covers everything from the first lessons in sitting and staying, to working on live game. It then covers advanced work in the field, rough shooting, picking-up, and training as a peg dog.

The final part of the book introduces the reader to elite spaniel work in field trials as well as giving guidance on breeding your own dogs. With unique access to the most successful spaniel trainers, the author brings exclusive tips from the top that can be used by any beginner.


"...if you are going to train your own working spaniel - especially if it is to be your first - get Janet Menzies' invaluable book and read it from start to finish first."
The Field

"...the author's knowledge and experience at the highest level of the discipline comes across clearly in the detailed guidance and easy-to-follow explanations."
Shooting Times

"She [the author] is very good at recognising that all dogs are different and that you need to be aware of your own dogs' abilities. I like the fact that she emphasizes that when things start to go wrong, go back to basics and make sure that they are solid before pushing ahead. Each chapter has a useful troubleshooting section which covers problems that may arise. The book is well illustrated with colour photos. I thought it was an interesting book and should be very useful to those training their spaniels for the field."
Dog Training Weekly

"Janet Menzies is a very experienced gundog trainer but unlike some other experts she can see things from the novice's point of view, covering many of the little worries that are often neglected while remaining absolutely sound on the basic principles. And her troubleshooting tips at the end of each chapter are welcome. She is also well aware of the difficulties which face today's gundog trainer in an increasingly urbanised world and has thoughtfully included a valuable chapter on the urban gundog, showing that you can have a working spaniel in the city. If you are thinking of training a spaniel this book really is worth reading."
BASC Shooting & Conservation

"While focussing on cockers and springers there is also plenty of information on rarer breeds, like clumbers and Brittanys. It is a thorough guide to getting the best from your spaniel and will be of great use to the existing or wannabe owner."
Shooting Gazette