Training the Working Retriever

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Anthea Lawrence


240 pages


A valuable training guide for all owners of any of the retriever breeds.

Training the Working Retriever will help the owner of any of the retrieving breed. From those who simply want to train their family pet through to those wishing to compete in field trials, gundog working tests or to work on a shoot.

Detailed photographs show each of the exercises and are accompanied by details of what may go wrong, how to recognise potential problems and how any difficulties can be rectified before they become real problems.

The book also has advice on choice and care of a puppy and shows how early domestic training can prevent many behavioural issues. The author shows that reward based reinforcement with praise are the essential motivating factors which will encourage puppies to learn from an early age what is required for life!


"Of all the [training] methods I've come across, none has impressed me more than those practised by Anthea Lawrence. When I heard that Quiller Press was looking for someone to write a book on retriever training to join its impressive library of gundog titles, I put Anthea forward as the ideal person for the job... there will always be a place for a book like this."
David Tomlinson, Shooting Times

"This book is a must-have for new retriever owners this Christmas."
Shooting Gazette

"...with plenty of information and detail for both the hardened and novice gun dog handler...this book will be a useful guide to anybody training a working retriever."
Sporting Gun

"This new book stands out among the many available titles on retriever training: it is written with infinite attention and a great love for dogs as our fellow companions in the long process of training."
Retriever Magazine

"Training the Working Retriever (Quiller, 2009), is much the best recent work on training these dogs to the gun."
The Field